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Chantal Barford - The Cats Whiskers Cattery West London

“I look after the cats who board in my cattery in the same way as I would like mine to be looked after when they go into a cattery.”

Why I run a cattery

I’m Chantal and I run my small west London cattery, here in my garden, because I love spending my days with cats. I’m endlessly fascinated by how different they all are: each one has their own personality, their own quirks, likes and dislikes. I love the challenge of converting a nervous feline into one who wants to sit on my lap when I go into their cabin.

This is a ‘cat-centric’ cattery

Putting the cats first means that I:

  • Hear what you, the owner, tell me about your cat’s likes and dislikes
  • Tell you, the owner, how your cat has been during his/her stay: not just “fine”.
  • Allocate 30 minutes for you to bring your cat and settle them in: this is your exclusive time, I don’t double-book appointments

  • Discourage owners from bringing the whole family into the cattery when they bring and collect their cats – because children running around can unsettle the other cats. Families are welcome to wait quietly at a slight distance from the accommodation.
  • Operate an appointment system, rather than permitting owners to pick up and drop off unannounced

History of the Cat’s Whiskers Cattery

I set up The Cat’s Whiskers in February 2006 and it immediately became a FAB listed cattery. Several people whose cats I boarded in my first year are still bringing their cats to me whenever they go away.