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Notice board

Please note that the cattery will be closed from 1-24 May inclusive and is now fully booked from 18 June through to the 23rd August inclusive.

Giving food and administering medication in the cattery


What food does your cat like?

It’s very important that your cat has the same diet here in the cattery as they have at home. Sometimes owners tell me that their cats ‘will eat anything you give them’, and whilst that may be so at home, it may not be when they’re in unfamiliar surroundings.

In order to feed every cat the food they’re used to, I:

  • Ask you to bring a sufficient quantity of your cat’s regular food for the duration of their stay if I do not stock it
  • Ask you to bring pre-cooked and frozen food for the duration of your cat’s stay if they require fresh food – in such a way that I can de-frost it for them each day, and
  • Ask you to bring any food that your cat gets on prescription from the vet – in sufficient quantity for the duration of their stay.

Please note that I am unable to board cats that use a mains operated water fountain or need access to a water tap.

As a consequence of throwing so much food away, I now only offer the following:

  • Hills Science Plan (adult chicken), IAMS (chicken), Purina One (chicken or salmon with rice), Royal  Canin Savour Exigent
  • Felix As Good As It Looks
  • Please note that I do not stock Senior or Kitten food

Notice board

Please note that the cattery will be closed from 1-24 May inclusive and is now fully booked from 18 June through to the 23rd August inclusive.

Meal times in the cattery

  • Breakfast 8.00 a.m.
  • Supper between 5-6 p.m. (depending on time of year)

The cats’ food and water is served in stainless steel dishes as they are more hygienic and less likely to cause chin irritation (acne) than plastic bowls.

Dreamies and / or cat milk are offered at closing time with permission of the owner.

Once the cats get used to the routine of the cattery, they get excited at meal times and all miaow in unison. Even cats that haven’t eaten all their dry food happily join in the chorus!

If cats refuse food in the cattery that they usually eat at home, I tempt them back into eating by offering something else you’ve told me they like – like tuna, cooked fish or chicken. I also use Royal Canin dry food for Fussy Cats which seems to suit many cats!  I then move them back onto their regular diet once they’re eating again. If I suspect that the refusal of food might indicate a health problem, I’ll contact the vet immediately.

I have my views on which foods cats thrive best on and, if you ask, I’ll help you find the right regular food for your cat. Changing food around the time they come to the cattery is, however, not advisable.

I understand that kittens, elderly cats and cats with thyroid problems may need to eat as often as 5 or 6 times a day and am happy to accommodate this.

I will give your cat his or her medication as directed (at no extra charge).

I regret, however, that I cannot administer insulin injections and cannot, therefore, board cats who need these.

If a cat shows signs of illness I will seek immediate veterinary advice. Any vet costs incurred will be payable by the owner on collection. There will be a further charge for taking the cat to the vet of £25 per round trip.

The vet covering the cattery is Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, 58 Hampton Road, Twickenham.