020 8890 6003

How to book

To check availability

Please contact me by phone or email to enquire about availability for your dates. As I work alone and spend a lot of time with the cats, I’m not always able to answer the phone, but please leave a message and I will come back to you the same day.

Before you book

Please read my terms and conditions before you book. I also always encourage owners to come and view the cattery before booking – especially if you’re making arrangements for a long stay. The advantages are:

  • You’ll meet me – your cat’s sole carer while boarding
  • You’ll get a feel for the place, and
  • You’ll see what space there is in the cabin for things you might like to bring from home.

When you book

Unless your cat has boarded with me before, I will need to ask you for routine essential information (vet’s details etc). I will also ask you a lot of questions that other catteries might not ask (about food preferences, temperament, agility etc) so that I can provide, for example, a lower chair for a senior cat who is unable to jump.

You will need to pay a deposit to secure the booking. Click here for details of charges.


Please note that there is a seven day minimum boarding charge throughout the year and at Christmas / New Year there is a minimum boarding charge of fourteen days.

Christmas / New Year Bookings

Please note that I will not accept cats during this period if they have not boarded with me at least once before in the same year (Christmas is a difficult time of year and I would prefer to have cats that I know during this time).



Due to the large number of cats that have recently been brought in with fleas, I would urge customers to apply flea treatment irrespective of whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat.  The majority of the time it is indoor cats that come in with fleas!  When fleas are found the cabin has to be stripped and disinfected (bedding, toys and scratching posts removed and put into bin liners).